Management Team Brand Compliance

A new breeze is blowing through the traditional certification sector.
Brand Compliance has been committed to assessing organisations on set standards and agreements frameworks with enthusiasm, knowledge and progressiveness since 2004. Proactive and personal. Focusing on qualityprivacyinformation security and brand standards. Brand Compliance informs organisations in the best possible way, so they can start their audits with confidence and they are prepared to achieve the necessary quality marks and certifications. This enables organisations to convey to their customers the desired level of reliability, professionalism and quality so that customers and suppliers can and want to do business with them.

Brand Compliance – Official certification body

Our team of passionate and experienced professionals develop and assess standards and agreement frameworks from their offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden. This enables Brand Compliance to serve international customers in various sectors. As a European organisation we think big, while remaining accessible by being close to our customers. Based on the approach of getting to know an organisation first, we offer appropriate training courses and certifications. Brand Compliance will guide you through the audit process step by step. Clearly and competently.

Are you looking for an independent, competent certification body that checks whether your organisation meets the set standards and agreements? Or would you like to know exactly where you stand at an audit? Then Brand Compliance is your obvious go-to partner.

A fresh, smooth and personal approach

During the entire process, we dedicate our personal and full attention to you. You can count on us to work with a competent auditor with extensive experience and knowledge of the relevant sector. We ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. We like to go the extra mile for our customers in all our activities. We contribute our insights and we take work off our customers’ hands. Because we think our customers deserve this. At Brand Compliance we stand for visible reliability, we deliver quality and we are professionals, but above all we strive for a fresh, smooth and personal approach. Do you have any questions, problems, comments or a complaint? Let us know.