ISO 27001/27006 accreditation for Brand Compliance

’s-Hertogenbosch – On 24 January 2020, Brand Compliance received ISO 27001 accreditation (issued according to ISO/IEC 27006) by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RVA). The Council assessed the procedures applied by Brand Compliance against the ISO 27006 standard and approved them, and as a result Brand Compliance is now authorised to award ISO 27001 certifications (for information security) under accreditation.

Information security according to the ISO 27001 standard

Many organizations are dealing with confidential and/or privacy-sensitive data. It is essential that this information does not leak out or get left around. On the one hand because organizations want to protect customer data and on the other because laws and regulations in this area are becoming ever stricter. The ISO 27001 standard in the area of information security enables organizations to demonstrate that they handle confidential data in a responsible manner.

The ISO 27001 standard is the worldwide standard for information security. The basis for this is the implementation of an information security management system, in which, based on a risk analysis, it is recorded which implementation and management of controls the organization has carried out with regard to information security.

Assessment against ISO 27006 by Brand Compliance

The RVA is the national accreditation body in the Netherlands. The RVA accredits certification bodies on the basis of international ISO standards. Accreditation recognises the expertise, independence and capacity for improvement of a certification body. Brand Compliance was declared competent by the RVA for carrying out audits according to the ISO 27001 standard (in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27006:2015). This way, the certification body is authorised to issue ISO 27001 certificates under accreditation. See our accreditations page for more information about our accreditations.

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