Healthcare purchasers, such as municipalities and health insurers, are becoming increasingly critical when selecting healthcare providers. Do your clients ask for insight into the measures taken with regard to client safety and quality assurance? Or do you want to distinguish your organisation positively as a healthcare institution in a market where more and more new providers are emerging? An HKZ certificate enables you to do so. A quality label for the quality of your care.

Healthcare quality label

Healthcare institutions must provide care that meets certain quality requirements. The requirements are described in healthcare legislation such as the Care Institutions (Accreditation) Act (Wtz) and the Healthcare Quality, Complaints and Disputes Act (Wkkgz). In addition to complying with these healthcare laws, a healthcare institution may have a quality label or certification for the quality of their healthcare services. A quality label indicates what quality means and how it is measured. Only organisations that are certified receive a quality label.

What are the standards for an HKZ certificate?

In healthcare and social welfare the most often used standards are the HKZ standards. They are based on ISO 9001, but they are specifically aimed at the healthcare sector and thus more to the point than ISO. The HKZ (Foundation for the Harmonisation of Accreditation in Healthcare) draws up quality and safety standards for more than 30 branches in the healthcare and social welfare sector. For example for pharmacies, nursing homes, care homes & home care organisations, childcare services, oral care and mental healthcare institutions.  Each standard carries a certification or quality label. HKZ stands for Harmonisation of Accreditation in Healthcare. A separate standard applies to Healthcare & Social Welfare. The HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare standard offers a number of advantages; this standard allows you to certify multiple disciplines of care, is less time-consuming and is focused on your clients.

HKZ certification

An organisation with an HKZ certificate has its affairs in order internally. They put their clients first and constantly work on improving their care and services. Clients are informed clearly and in a timely manner. Their wishes and needs are well-defined. Employees are well-trained and motivated for their work, so that errors are discovered faster or, preferably, prevented. A certificate enables you to distinguish your organisation positively in a market in which more and more new providers are emerging.

An HKZ quality label as a purchase condition

Many health insurers and municipalities have included an HKZ certificate as a purchasing condition. Inspection bodies often include certification in their risk assessment of an organisation. We recommend that you check what your healthcare client expects from you as a healthcare provider when it comes to demonstrating quality.