Healthcare purchasers, such as municipalities and health insurers, are becoming increasingly critical when selecting products and services. Do your clients ask for insight into the measures taken with regard to client safety and quality assurance? Do you want to distinguish your organisation positively as a healthcare institution in a market where more and more new providers are emerging? An HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare certificate enables you to do so.

What is HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare?

Do you provide multiple healthcare disciplines or do you think the current certifications are too complex? HKZ has one complete standard for all fields of healthcare and social welfare. The Healthcare & Social Welfare standard contains requirements for a quality management system. It is written in clear language and contains current themes such as client control and professional freedom. It also offers healthcare professionals more freedom and meets the demand for fewer administrative burdens, guidelines and protocols. The standard is based on the principles of ISO 9001.

Why would you opt for an HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare certificate?

Patients have the right to expect that they are in good hands when they need care. Municipalities and insurers must be able rely on the quality and efficiency of the care they purchase. An HKZ quality label helps to create confidence. Organisations with this label:

  • Work according to the agreed guidelines within the sector;
  • Are able to learn from mistakes and complaints and work on continuous improvements;
  • Deal well with risks and provide safe care.

Want to know more about this specific standard? We offer free-of-charge knowledge sessions about the HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare standard, so that you can assess whether this standard suits your organisation.

Who is it for?

An HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare certificate applies to healthcare providers who want to show that they have their care in order. With as little administration as possible, attention to the client and a simplified certification. This leaves you with more time  for your care responsibilities. Do you provide multiple healthcare disciplines? In that case, just one HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare certificate is sufficient. Various specific HKZ certificates are superfluous with the HKZ Healthcare & Social Welfare certification.

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