As a judicial officer, high demands are placed on the quality of your work and the reliability of your services. The Royal Professional Organization of Judicial Officers in the Netherlands (KBvG) requires you to periodically demonstrate your compliance with the KBvG Quality Standards, based on a positive assessment report. The KBvG Quality Standards constitute a qualitative standard in which attention is paid to safeguarding the commercial quality of services and conducting good business practices.

Recognised auditors who understand your business

The assessment against KBvG Quality Standards can only be carried out by accredited auditors who are included on the list of recognised auditors. Brand Compliance employs two accredited auditors. Our auditors, who are also experienced ISO 9001 auditors, have a thorough knowledge of the sector and the business practices of a firm of judicial officers. An assessment by Brand Compliance means a quick turnaround time and competitive rates.

The total package for judicial officers

In addition to the mandatory assessment of the KBvG Quality Standards, customers’ demand for demonstrable quality and reliability in various areas is also increasing. The certifications/statements that are most frequently requested in this respect are ISO 9001 certification, ISO 27001 certification or an ISAE 3402 statement. With Brand Compliance as your certification body, you will be able to combine the KBvG Quality Standards assessment with those other certifications. This way, we enable you to place all services you require in this area with a single supplier. With all the associated benefits in terms of cost and efficiency.