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Brand Compliance informs organizations as fully as possible and tries to do this in a clear, proactive and personal way. As a result, our customers often know exactly what to expect during an audit. Next our auditors test companies and organizations against the set standards and frameworks. Brand Compliance always strives for maximum customer satisfaction.

We welcome any kind of feedback. The Brand Compliance team uses valuable feedback to improve its services. Do you have experience with our services, please share it with us. We take all comments seriously and we will see where we can improve, if necessary. Do you have tips, do you want to write a review or submit a complaint? Please let us know.

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Any tip for improvement is welcome! For example, is something unclear on our website, do you see opportunities for improvement in our services or in the contact with our organization? Please inform us using the form below:

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Brand Compliance intends to perform its services properly at all times and for everyone. In a professional manner, consistent with the set standards and frameworks. But above all in a proactive, personal and pleasant way.

In case you have not experienced this as such, please inform us. Then we can assess it and look for a solution together.

Do you have a complaint about one of our customers? Submit your complaint to the relevant organization in accordance with their complaints procedure. If the complaint you have submitted is not handled properly, it is possible to approach Brand Compliance (as a certifying body that has assessed the organization). Then we will set up our complaints procedure.

Submit a complaint or appeal using the procedure below:

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  • Brand Compliance handles every complaint about its organization and its employees in accordance with its Complaints procedure.
  • A written confirmation of receipt will be sent to the submitter within 5 working days of receipt.
  • The investigation of the complaint takes a maximum of 10 working days.
  • The decision will be communicated to you in writing.

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