What is ISO 19770-1?

ISO 19770-1 is a management system aimed at controlling IT assets. The standard includes an overview of the various categories of IT assets. The standard considers the IT assets categories in the scope in a process-oriented way defined in steps in the lifecycle. In a risk-oriented approach, it also reviews the interaction with various other related processes, such as a financial process or an information security process.

Why ISO 19770-1?

The interests of IT assets in an organization are tremendous. One example is a financial risk, failing license management may lead to unnecessary costs or even fines. A second example is the information security risk. Information security is essential to an organization, and IT asset management (ITAM) is a vital part of it. Every organization should implement a management system for IT assets for these reasons.

ISO 19770-1 Certification

Certification is a way for organizations to show that they control their IT assets, for instance, vendor’s licences. The IT asset management department can show the organization’s management independent evidence that they are in control of their activities. Certification sets IT asset management on the agenda of the board.

Collaboration Brand Compliance – ITAM Forum

The ITAM Forum is an international organization promoting IT asset management worldwide. The ITAM Form attaches great importance to high-quality certification and has arranged for a good certification scheme and additional quality requirements (ISO 19770-11).

The introduction of the ITAM Forum’s certification scheme can be viewed on: Certification scheme.

Brand Compliance has entered into a licensing agreement with the ITAM Forum regarding the use of these additional quality requirements. Brand Compliance is the only certification body globally that can execute these certification paths following the ITAM Forum’s highest quality demands.

How does it work?

ISO 19770-1 is a management system standard that links up to the High Level Structure that ISO introduced for management system certification This makes it possible to integrate this standard with other management system standards, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

What can Brand Compliance do for you?

Brand Compliance is currently carrying out the first certification processes. Since many organizations are unfamiliar with this certification, the process starts with a gap-analysis. A gap-analysis can quickly give an idea of where the organization stands with regard to its IT asset management system in relation to this standard.

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