ISO 9001 certificationWhat is ISO 9001?

The ISO 9001 standard is the worldwide standard for quality management. An ISO 9001 certification shows customers that your organization has taken the right quality measures and that your products and services consistently meet the promised level of quality.

Brand Compliance can perform ISO 9001 certification under accreditation (Technical Area 33 & 35).

ISO 9001 certification requirements

The standard contains requirements for various aspects of quality management, such as customer satisfaction, supplier management, internal audits and continuous improvement. By meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, organizations can demonstrate their ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, and that they are continuously working to improve their processes.

All requirements in the International Standard are general and intended to be applicable to any organization, regardless of its type or size or the products and services it provides.

How do you get started with ISO 9001 certification?

Below you will find an ISO 9001 checklist, with the steps required to achieve ISO 9001 certification:

  1. Purchase the ISO 9001 standard (for example via the NEN).
  2. Schedule a no-obligation introductory meeting with one of our specialists.
  3. Attend a training course to obtain the necessary knowledge about ISO 9001.
  4. Implement the ISO 9001 management system in your organization and ensure that it meets the requirements of the standard.
  5. Carry out an internal audit to check whether the system is working properly and to assess whether your system meets the standard requirements.
  6. Management must review the results of the internal audit and take any corrective action. You record the conclusion about meeting the requirements in the management review.
  7. Once you have determined that your organization meets the requirements of ISO 9001, a Brand Compliance auditor will independently assess whether your management system meets the requirements of the standard.
  8. If your organization meets the standard requirements, you will receive an ISO 9001 certificate from us.

ISO 9001 certification costs

The implementation starts with the purchase of the ISO 9001 standard. The costs of the entire process depend on various factors. For example, the complexity of the processes, whether work is done in shifts, the extent to which matters are already in order within the organization, the number of FTEs and locations. The fastest way to calculate the costs starts with an introductory meeting.
The costs for the certification consist of the number of hours that Brand Compliance spends preparing the audit, the audit itself, the reporting and additional costs such as the certificate, administration and travel costs.

Would you like to know more about the certification process? Check out the information in our knowledge base.

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How long is an ISO 9001 certificate valid?

An ISO 9001 certificate is valid for three years. During these three years, interim audits take place to check whether the organisation still meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. After three years, a recertification will take place and if the result is positive, the certificate will be renewed for another three years.

ISO 9001 vs ISO 27001

ISO 9001 is a global quality management standard in which the focus is on the implementation of an internal quality management system. ISO 27001 is a global standard for information security in which the focus is on the implementation of an information security management system.