BC 5701

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes that certification is a means for organizations to show that they work according to the GDPR’s requirements regarding processing personal data. BC 5701 is developed to certify organizations for which processing personal data is the subject of the certification.

Why a GDPR certification?

Under the GDPR, organizations responsible for processing personal data have the duty of accountability (GDPR Article 5.2). Certification of the procedures is a way to fulfil the duty of accountability.

BC 5701 certification

The certification is based on the method of processing personal data. An organization must set up several components to have personal data processing done in line with the GDPR’s requirements. Moreover, certification installs the public’s faith that the organization will fulfil the requirements of BC 5701 – based on the GDPR – for the duration of the certificate’s validity.

How does it work?

BC 5701 is a standard. It contains criteria for demonstrable appropriate interpretation and consistent application of the General Data Protection Regulation when working with personal data.

We have put together a GDPR certification mechanism white paper with more information. The white paper is free to download. Various topics are covered, such as:

  • The value of GDPR certification
  • The construction of the BC 5701
  • Suitable for whom and what
  • The contents of the BC 5701
  • Implementation and certification

Development of the GDPR certification

An official GDPR certification is only a fact after the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) has given a favourable judgment concerning BC 5701 and when Brand Compliance has been accredited as an organization to execute the standard. The application has already been submitted to the DPA.

If you consider an official GDPR certification, we might be an attractive partner for you. We can execute gap-analysis for the standard. A gap-analysist will quickly give you an idea of your organization’s readiness to implement BC 5701.

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