In the world of business, dealing with the environment is moving ever higher up the management agenda. More and more often, clients are making demands on organisations when it comes to the environment and environmental legislation. But how do you, as an organisation, ensure that you set the right objectives and set up the right policy for this? ISO 14001 certification is a good tool to ensure that the environment is given the attention it deserves in the organisation.

ISO 14001 standard

ISO 14001 is the worldwide standard for environmental management. The standard describes how you can manage environmental risks in a process-oriented manner and helps you achieve environmental and economic goals. The basis for this is the implementation of an environmental management system in which, among other things, you determine the policy and objectives, taking into account the legal requirements and information on important environmental aspects. If you set up the system in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard and have its operation certified by an independent party, you demonstrate in a simple and transparent way that you take the environment and your organisation’s impact on it seriously.

ISO 14001 certification

We would like to carry out for you the audits required to obtain an ISO 14001 certificate. As every organisation is unique, we would be happy to discuss your starting position with you, without obligation, and identify any steps which still need to be taken to be ready for certification. We then draw up a tailor-made certification proposal for you. The cost of ISO 14001 certification depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of your organisation.