Certifications & audits

The characteristically traditional audit sector has been revitalized.
Since 2004, Brand Compliance has been using its enthusiasm, knowledge, and forward-thinking approach to test organizations against set standards and agreement frameworks in a clear and coherent manner. We are proactive and believe in a personal approach. Themes such as quality, privacy, information security, and brand standards are our focal points. Check out our accreditations >


We are proactive and believe in a personal approach. Therefore, we offer appropriate training and certifications by always getting to know an organization first.


We take our work for our clients seriously based on a committed approach and clear explanations.


We think big from a European perspective but stay small by remaining close to our client.


The use of certification logos

When you have obtained the certificate, of course you would like to share this with the outside world. This can be done by using certification…

What is a management system?

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Initial audit Stage 2

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