We are specialized in conducting audits in the field of quality, information security and privacy.

We guarantee integrity and only issue certificates to clients that meet the requirements.

Our auditors are skilled and use a personal approach.

During the audit process, we always communicate transparently and completely.


Buy the GDPR certification standard and criteria BC 5701:2023 here.


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Competent employees

Permanently competent employees are of the utmost importance.


We are transparent and reliable towards customers and employees.


We distinguish ourselves through optimal communication with all stakeholders.

Featured news

Accreditation NEN 7510 Cluster Z

Today we celebrate! Brand Compliance has obtained accreditation for NEN 7510 cluster Z (Healthcare institutions). NEN 7510 is a Dutch standard for information security management…

We issued the first 2 ITAM certificates in the world!

We are proud to announce that in February 2023, Brand Compliance has issued the world’s first two certificates for ISO 19770-1, the international standard for…

Interview with an auditor!

We interviewed one of our auditors. Diverse, challenging, valuable. These are the keywords our auditor chose to describe his job. We asked what it takes…

“Very professional auditor(s)!! Fortunately, no hardcore audit attitude (old-fashioned). ”

“They think along, within the limits that are customary for an auditor. That is very nice!”

“Nice people to work with. Professional and good communication. Can you wish for more?'”

“I only have experience with one Brand Compliance auditor, but that went very professional.”

“The services provided by Brand Compliance (ISO 27001 audit) are experienced as very professional. A good collaboration.”

“The communication was clear and to the point. The conduct was professional. The observations were pertinent and useful.”