Certifications & audits

As a conformity assessment body, Brand Compliance confirms the reliability of its customers by issuing certificates for compliance with standards. CEO Christian Oudenbroek: “We stand for integrity. This means that we only issue a certificate from Brand Compliance if we have established that our customers meet the relevant standard. With every signature I put, I am sure of the delivered quality. Our integrity goes hand in hand with our reputation.” 

Competent employees

Permanently competent employees are of the utmost importance.


We are transparent and reliable towards customers and employees.


We distinguish ourselves through optimal communication with all stakeholders.


Interview with our ITAM auditor!

In February 2023, Brand Compliance, in collaboration with ITAM Forum, was able to issue the first 2 certificates in the world for ISO 19770-1 (ITAM)….

We issued the first 2 ITAM certificates in the world!

We are proud to announce that in February 2023, Brand Compliance has issued the world’s first two certificates for ISO 19770-1, the international standard for…

Changes to transition requirements ISO 27001:2022

On February 15, 2023, the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) released a new version of MD 26. This mandatory document from the IAF must be used…