Certifications & audits

The characteristically traditional audit sector has been revitalized.
Since 2004, Brand Compliance has been using its enthusiasm, knowledge, and forward-thinking approach to test organizations against set standards and agreement frameworks in a clear and coherent manner. We are proactive and believe in a personal approach. Themes such as quality, privacy, information security, and brand standards are our focal points. Check out our accreditations >


We are proactive and believe in a personal approach. Therefore, we offer appropriate training and certifications by always getting to know an organization first.


We take our work for our clients seriously based on a committed approach and clear explanations.


We think big from a European perspective but stay small by remaining close to our client.


Initial audit Stage 1

What are the main points of attention for an audit? You are about to start the certification process of a management system audit. In this…

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ISO 27002:2022 has been renewed

ISO 27002:2022 has been renewed ISO 27002 provides a reference set of information security controls, including guidelines for implementation. This document is intended for organizations…

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Certification versus accreditation

Certification versus accreditation There is a lot of uncertainty about certification and accreditation. Because when are you certified and when are you accredited? And what…

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