GDPR certificationOrganizations responsible for the processing of personal data have an obligation under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to demonstrate that they work in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR (article 5 paragraph 2). The GDPR states that certification is an option for organizations to demonstrate this.

The GDPR Certification standard and criteria BC 5701 has been developed to certify organizations where the object of certification is a specific process of processing personal data.

What BC 5701 can offer your organization

  • Enhanced data protection
    GDPR Certification standard and criteria BC 5701 provides a framework for protecting personal data, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring GDPR compliance. By implementing this standard, you can proactively address privacy concerns.
  • Competitive advantage
    By becoming an early adopter of BC 5701, you position your organization as a leader in data protection and demonstrate your commitment to privacy.
  • Customer trust
    With the BC 5701 certificate you communicate to your customers that their personal information is treated with the utmost care. Their trust strengthens your relationships, increases customer loyalty and improves your reputation.
  • Optimized processes
    Implementing BC 5701 enables you to optimize your data protection, streamline internal processes and comply with the GDPR.

BC 5701 white paper

We have put together a GDPR certification mechanism white paper with more information. You can request our white paper free of charge, containing a clear summary about BC 5701 certification:

  • The value of GDPR certification
  • The structure and the contents of the GDPR Certification standard and criteria BC 5701
  • Implementation and certification

Checklist GDPR certification BC 5701

To start with the BC 5701 certification you can use the following checklist:

  • Purchase the GDPR Certification standard and criteria BC 5701 on our website.
  • Schedule an introductory meeting with one of our specialists.
  • Follow a training to acquire the necessary knowledge about BC 5701.
  • Implement the BC 5701 in your organization and ensure that your system meets the requirements.
  • Carry out internal audits to check whether the system is working properly and to assess whether your system meets the certification criteria requirements.
  • Have management review the results of the internal audit and take any corrective action. Record the conclusion about compliance with the requirements in the management review.
  • Let an independent Brand Compliance auditor determine whether your management system meets the requirements of the GDPR Certification standard and criteria BC 5701.
  • If your organization meets the requirements, we will provide you with a BC 5701 certificate.

What does BC 5701 certification cost?

The cost of BC 5701 certification depends on several factors, such as the complexity of processes, number of FTEs and locations. To make a calculation, it is advisable to have an introductory meeting. The final price consists of the number of hours that Brand Compliance spends on the audit, the costs of legal expertise regarding the GDPR in your area of work, writing the audit report and other additional costs such as the certificate, administration and travel costs.

Gap analysis

We can (already) perform a gap analysis. A gap analysis gives a good picture of where your organization stands with regard to implementing the GDPR Certification standard and criteria BC 5701 in a short period of time.


Is the BC 5701 certification an official GDPR certification?

Official GDPR certification will be the case once the Dutch Data Protection Authority has given a positive decision regarding the BC 5701 and Brand Compliance has been accredited as an organization for implementing this certification criteria. The Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) approved our GDPR Certification Standard and Criteria BC 5701 in November 2023. This allows an accredited institution to issue GDPR certificates.