Would you like to know whether the organization is ready for certification or do you need insight into the status of the implementation of the management system? Brand Compliance can help by conducting a gap analysis.

Our gap analysis provides a clear picture of current maturity and is the ideal stepping stone to correctly plan your path to certification.

Purpose of a gap analysis

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The purpose of the gap analysis is to provide insight into where the organization currently stands with regard to the design of the management system. Having a gap analysis performed gives an organization the space to arrange the processes required for certification prior to the actual certification process.

Conducting a gap analysis

During the gap analysis the auditor visits on site, or remote audit techniques can be used. The auditor will assess the management system and indicate whether there are deficiencies in the system related to the intended scope of certification. Our auditor can provide information about the certification process by Brand Compliance and help estimate the timeframe when the organization can be ready to start the certification process.


It is of course possible to indicate in advance whether you want to pay attention to specific parts of the management system. In general, the results at the end of the gap analysis are as follows:

  • General information about the certification process by Brand Compliance;
  • An assessment of the management system;
  • A verified scope;
  • An estimate of the timeframe when the organization is ready for certification;
  • An estimate of the actual time required for the certification;
  • A report in which the above points are discussed, possibly supplemented with other relevant observations and conclusions.

You can use these results, in collaboration with your consultant if desired, to start the certification process well-prepared.

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What is a baseline measurement?

A gap analysis is also known as a baseline measurement. The purpose of a gap analysis or a baseline measurement is to give you an idea of the extent to which the design of your organization’s management system already complies with the standard.