Recently, due to the high demand at European level, the ISO organisation has developed a standard for GDPR. This extension is described in ISO 27701  on the basis of a management system approach. ISO 27001  and ISO 27701 together can therefore be seen as a management system on  information security and privacy. This makes certification also possible for this management system.


On the one hand, ISO 27701 provides the additional requirements for the management system as described in ISO 27001 and, on the other, provides guidelines that should be seen as a supplement to ISO 27002. This standard is therefore also extremely suitable for organisations that have already got their information security in order according to ISO 27001.


We would like to carry out for you the audits required to obtain an ISO 27701 certificate. Because every organisation is unique, we would be happy to discuss your starting position with you and identify any steps which still need to be taken to be ready for certification. We then draw up a tailor-made certification proposal for you. The cost of ISO 27701 certification depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of your organisation.

Please note! ISO 27701 certification can only be obtain in combination with an accredited ISO 27001 certification.

Do you already have an accredited ISO 27001 certification from another certification body? Call us to talk about the possibilities.