The advantage of certification under accreditation is that the Certification Body is a reliable and recognized party that meets the international standards and criteria for accreditation. Accreditation provides an additional guarantee that all processes and procedures meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021 and other relevant standards. As a result, our customers can be confident that the certification under accreditation is reliable.

Brand Compliance does not certify under accreditation if the scope of the certification deviates from the work areas mentioned. If the scope of certification falls under the work areas mentioned, certification always takes place under accreditation.

Because we are active as a Certification Body in different countries, it is important to be transparent in our accreditations:

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we are accredited for a number of services. You can find these accreditations here.


From our Belgian entity, we offer basic certifications for SME and WSE. The other services on the Belgian market are offered through our Dutch entity. See above which services can be offered under accreditation.

In the long term, Brand Compliance Belgium wants to apply for accreditation from BELAC so that customers on the Belgian market can be certified for a number of services under Belgian accreditation.


Our customers in Sweden are served by our Dutch entity. The contracts therefore fall under Dutch accreditation.


The management of Brand Compliance is aware of the fact that the organization must adopt and maintain an impartial position while conducting certification activities. Brand Compliance has therefore taken measures to prevent conflicts of interest. As a result:

  • Brand Compliance may provide training to clients for whom certification activities are conducted, providing general information that is also publicly available, but no company-specific training is provided;
  • Brand Compliance cannot provide clients for whom certification activities are performed with internal audits/reviews or other advisory services related to the management system to be certified;
  • Brand Compliance takes an independent position with regard to the persons or bodies that do carry out internal audits/reviews or other advisory services at clients to be certified;
  • Brand Compliance can identify points for improvement in the management system of customers for which certification activities are carried out, but cannot provide advice on the details of the measures to be taken;
  • Brand Compliance cannot certify certification bodies or become certified itself.

Conditions & Regulations

Brand Compliance stands for visible reliability. This transparency and reliability is implemented everywhere, including in the fine print. We don’t like hidden rules and conditions, so we just tell it like it is. That is why we have laid down our conditions, procedures and regulations and divided them into a number of documents.