Brand Compliance does not issue accredited certification if the certification scope is not included in our working areas listed here. If the certification scope is included in the work areas listed, certification is always accredited.

The management of Brand Compliance is aware of the fact that the organisation should maintain an impartial position while performing certification activities. For this reason, Brand Compliance has taken measures to avoid conflicts of interest. As a result:

  • Brand Compliance can provide training for certification customers to provide general information that is also publicly available, but does not provide company-specific training;
  • Brand Compliance does not provide internal audits/reviews or other consultancy services related to the management system to be certified to certification customers;
  • Brand Compliance maintains an independent position with regard to the persons or bodies that perform internal audits/reviews or other consultancy services for certification customers;
  • Brand Compliance may identify improvement areas in the management system of certification customers, but does not provide advice on how to implement the measures to be taken;
  • Brand Compliance cannot certify certification bodies.

Terms and Conditions & Regulations

Brand Compliance stands for visible reliability. This transparency and reliability is implemented everywhere, even in the small print. We don’t like hidden rules and conditions, so we just tell you things the way they are. That is why we are making available our Terms and Conditions, procedures and regulations. We have divided them into a number of documents.