ISO 19770-1 is one of the standards of the series of ISO 19770. This ISO 19770 standard is a concept of IT Asset Management (ITAM) standardization. Companies incorporate the ISO/IEC standard into their organization to control the processes and technology for managing software assets and related IT assets. This standard was created to make it easier for IT departments to optimize their budgets and minimize the risk of software license audits and penalties.

What is the purpose of ISO 19770-1?

This standard ensures standardization in IT asset management processes through a standardized and measurable approach. It is useful for any organization that wants to extract maximum value from IT assets while mitigating a variety of IT-related risks, including security-related risks. The implementation of various processes leads to a reduction in overall IT assets costs. A standardized approach also enables certification, which is useful for ensuring that partners and potential partners have implemented these processes and for reducing your risk.

Independent external certification body

Brand Compliance is an external certification body for certification audits. We independently assess whether organizations meet the set requirements, for example the well-known ISO standards such as: ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and NEN 7510.