The traditional audit sector has been revived.
Since 2004, Brand Compliance has been using its enthusiasm, knowledge, and forward-thinking approach to test organizations in a clear manner against set standards and frameworks for agreement. Proactive and personal. Our focus is on themes such as qualityprivacyinformation security and brand standards. Brand Compliance optimally informs organizations, so that they start their audit with confidence and are ready to obtain the necessary quality marks and certifications.

Mission & Vision


Brand Compliance conducts high quality audits and certifications, which are accredited by the relevant regulators where possible. Our customers are informed, trained and guided in a personal and proactive way.
By obtaining the necessary quality marks and/or certifications, organizations achieve the desired level of reliability, professionalism and quality. So that they radiate to customers and suppliers that they can and want to do business with them, enjoyably.


Brand Compliance strives to be a European Conformity Assessment body that is internationally recognised for its expertise and clear, personal approach. Based on the idea of continuous improvement as an organization, Brand Compliance strives to always optimise its services for customers.

Quality policy

In order to give substance to our mission and vision, Brand Compliance has drawn up a quality policy. The quality policy contains the following three themes:

Competent employees
Our employees form the Human Capital of our organization and are therefore the most important core value. Ensuring that our employees are and remain competent is of the utmost importance. We give substance to this by continuously training, educating and informing our employees.

Essential for being a certification body is trust. Society can rely on the certificates that we provide to our certified customers. We are transparent and reliable towards customers and employees.

We distinguish ourselves through good communication with all stakeholders. Towards employees we ensure that the annual plan and developments within the organization are shared. With regard to our customers we take care of a personal approach and strive for optimal information provision.