The European version of ISO 27001 became available in August 2023, ISO 27001:2023. The publication took place one year after publication of the global version (ISO 27001:2022). This means that they bear a different year.

ISO 27001:2023

The European version

Specific procedures have been put in place to harmonize global standards at European level. European standards are uniform across all EU countries and conflicting standards are not allowed. The European version is identical to the worldwide version, but with the addition of a European foreword.

What is the effect on my certification against ISO 27001:2022?

A frequently asked question is whether the 2023 version will affect the existing certifications achieved according to ISO 27001:2022. Fortunately, the introduction of ISO 27001:2023 will not affect existing certifications obtained (or issued in the future) under ISO 27001:2022.

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