ISO 22301 certificationBrand, industry and franchise organizations rely on their network, consisting of dealers, members and franchisees, who represent them in a region. It is in the interest of these organizations that all agreements associated with that representation are complied with by the network. After all, the strength of the brand and of the network is determined by the weakest link in the chain. To get and keep a grip on this, a check (audit) must be carried out from time to time. There are many benefits associated with having an independent audit carried out by an external certification body. Brand Compliance is such a body and carries out such types of audits, referred to as “(Network) Compliance Audits”.

From corporate identity to financial claims

Compliance Audits can cover a wide range of topics. Consider, for example, checks on the correct use of corporate identity, compliance with contract conditions or a check on the legality of claims submitted for financial support. But in fact all formal agreements made between the network administrator and the members can be audited.

A customised audit programme and clear reports

In consultation with you, we establish the standards framework for the network which we transpose into a verifiable audit programme. We then take care of everything for you, from planning the audits to delivery of the results in the form and frequency that suits you. The rates that we apply are competitive. If you consider how much damage you would suffer, as a brand, industry or franchise organization, if part of your network does not comply with the agreements, you soon realise that costs in this context are only relative.

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