As a dedicated healthcare professional, you know better than anyone how crucial information security is. In the digital age, managing medical data is no longer a choice, but an absolute necessity. This is where NEN 7510 certification comes into the picture.

NEN 7510 aims to secure personal health information at healthcare institutions (and other managers of personal health information). It provides a normative framework for information security, allowing healthcare institutions to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information. This promotes trust in the healthcare sector.


NEN 7510 certificationHospitals process sensitive data, such as medical records and personal information of patients. Protecting this data is essential to ensure patient privacy and safety, and to comply with regulatory requirements. Implementing NEN 7510 helps a hospital to comply with parts of these laws and regulations.

Implementing NEN 7510 also helps to identify and manage risks and threats to systems and data. This reduces operational interruptions, which is critical for hospitals that provide 24/7 patient care.

What does NEN 7510 certification bring?

Below you can read what positive contributions a NEN 7510 certification entails.

Protect patient data

Patient data is valuable and must be treated with the utmost care. With a NEN 7510 certification you guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of this data. Your patients rely on you for their well-being; with certification they know that their data is in safe hands.

Prevent data leaks

Data leaks can have disastrous consequences for both hospitals and patients. NEN 7510 certification helps to take proactive measures to prevent data leaks.

Strengthen your image

A certified hospital exudes confidence. Patients will feel more comfortable at your facility knowing their data is safe. Strengthening your image is essential in a competitive healthcare market.

Increase efficiency

NEN 7510 certification not only means data security, but also efficiency. Processes are streamlined, resulting in time savings and cost reduction. This ensures that your hospital runs smoothly. A win-win situation.

Minimize risks

There are always risks, but with NEN 7510 certification you can keep them to a minimum. Avoid reputational damage, legal disputes and financial losses by acting proactively.

Keep data accessible

Accessibility is just as important as security. With NEN 7510 you ensure that authorized persons have access to the right information at the right time. This increases the effectiveness of your care.


The digital world continues to grow and change. With NEN 7510 you are ready for the future. Anticipate new challenges and stay relevant in an increasingly digital healthcare sector.

Determine your success

NEN 7510 certification is the key to a safer, more efficient, and more successful future. Brand Compliance can carry out certifications for NEN 7510 cluster Z (healthcare institutions) under accreditation. Your hospital’s success is in your hands, take action today!